What Makes My Nails Discolored & Thick?

February 15, 2019 1 Comment

Nails can get discolored and thick from repetitive trauma in tight-fitting shoes or from certain sporting activities that cause the toenail to rub on the shoe repeatedly. The big toe and little toe are mostly affected because of their location in the shoe, the second toe can also be involved if it is the longest toe on the foot. People active in sports may notice their nails thickening and separating from the nail bed and eventually falling off only to be replaced by a new nail.
Making sure your shoes are long and wide enough can prevent this from happening.  

Nail discoloration and thickening are also signs of a fungal infection of the nail plate, medically known as Onychomycosis. May also be referred to as "ringworm of the nail' and "Tinea unguium". People living along the Gulf Coast, where it is hot and humid for a good part of the year, are more likely to get it because it thrives in warm, moist areas. As a fungus, the mature form produces spores that blow around in the breeze and when they find a warm, moist, dark place (a toenail in a shoe), it will start to grow. When we are young, our nails grow fast and our immune systems are in good enough shape to fight off any fungal nail infection, but as we age our immune system and ability to fight off infections decreases and the fungus can take over the nail plate.  The nail will become brittle, crumbly, curve in at the end of the toe and can cause an ingrown nail infection. The color of the nail plate can begin as an oily appearance on the ends of the nail and progress to a white or yellow discoloration and get thicker as we age. Usually, nail fungus doesn't cause any problems other than cosmetic, unless you have poor circulation, chronic ingrowing nails, pain from the nails, diabetes, or peripheral neuropathy or other conditions that can make you prone to infection.  

Other causes of nail discoloration and thickening are yeasts and molds.  Having a nail biopsy along with your medical and social history can help your podiatrist, Dr. Coscino or Dr. Kalmar, answer what may be the cause of the problem, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from getting worse.  

It is always a good idea to keep your feet clean and as dry as possible. Also keep in mind that the fungus needs three things to grow: warmth, darkness, and moisture. We can't stop the warmth our body produces or the darkness our shoes provide, but we can manage to keep our feet drier with moisture wicking socks and medicated foot powders. There is no permanent cure for onychomycosis, but there are ways to manage it well.

Clear Nails Pro – Anti-Fungal Liquid Solution.  The only topical product that penetrates the nail.

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Clear Nails Pro is designed for patients with toenail fungus (onychomycosis). Clear Nails Pro is a topical nail solution that contains a potent combination of Ciclopirox (6%), Terbinafine (6%), and Fluconazole (2%). This solution is made to eliminate the entire spectrum of fungus and mold. The unique solution allows all three anti-fungal ingredients to penetrate both the nail plate and the nail bed, in which the fungus resides. Clear Nails Pro is a fat-soluble solution that has the ability to penetrate the skin and nails, unlike other topical products that are water soluble. Clear Nails Pro is a proven method in fighting toenail fungus. Clear Nails Pro can provide the same treatment results as Lamisil tablets without the side effects.  

Clear Nails Pro is applied twice daily in combination with medically necessary foot care at Premier Foot & Ankle Center. Once the nails are cured of the fungus, Clear Nails Pro can be reduced to applying a couple times a week to prevent recurrence. With the use of the only nail penetrating topical, Clear Nails Pro, you no longer have to live with the discolored, unsightly looking nails.  

Need our help? Call Premier Foot & Ankle Center today at (630) 261-9500 to schedule an appointment.

Clear Nails Pro, prescription strength, can only be purchased at medical offices. It is not available for sale online or over the counter. Premier Foot & Ankle Center has Clear Nails Pro in stock for patient purchase.  

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