Tendinitis (Achilles/Other Holistic Therapy)

The tendons of our body work hard to keep us moving while we strive to lead active lifestyles. If injured or "overused," tendons can become weakened, stretched, swollen, or even torn. It is essential to properly diagnose and efficiently treat inflamed, aching tendons (tendinitis) before the condition progresses to the point of further damage or rupture.

Many treatment options are available once proper diagnosis is achieved. In-office physical therapy (or in partnership with our colleagues), addressing faulty biomechanics with custom-made sport orthotics (arch supports), and now, new holistic alternative therapy (such as Traumeel and Zeel injections) are often recommended and successful. Also, a variety of topical creams for pain relief offer exciting, improved alternatives to traditional cortisone injections. All of these options are available at Premier Foot and Ankle Center, under the supervision of Dr. Coscino.

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